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Financial Marketing

We are experts in spreading the word about undervalued companies which have a high potential for growth. We employ professionals with an established track record in all facets of financial marketing. We are leaders in the field of branding, strategic positioning, and market analysis. Your company will have a unique campaign created to specifically showcase the distinctive characteristics of your business. Our approach is a hands on one, so we know that the most suitable audience is being targeted, with subject matter that has the best chance of making a connection, and at the most appropriate time.

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Investor Relations

With today’s unpredictable market climate, it pays to have a team that has up-to-date knowledge on the latest techniques to most effectively facilitate connections in the institutional and retail investment sectors. MJ Capital Management is a team of highly trained professionals to help create these vital relationships in all market types. We offer advice on strategies, crisis management, provide technology driven communications, as well as create forceful, effective campaigns. By carefully tailoring strategies we are able to create greater awareness, and introduce best practices for efficient corporate governance.

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Planning & Support

The global economy is tough and takes no prisoners. You need to know that your company is going be sustainable with predictable growth through results. MJ Capital Management can provide the teams who have the managerial and technical know how to increase productiveness, as well as restructure the corporation and upgrade operations. By analyzing your current infrastructure we can come up with strategies that will make the best use of systems already in place. This is highly recommended, with the banks currently tightening their investment loans criteria.

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