Our Mission

New businesses are born, grow, and die every day. They begin with earth-shaking ideas and enthusiastic hopes.  They proceed with a solid structure, alluring products, and necessary services.  However, only a favored few manage to grab the attention and capital necessary for growth, and a more permanent place in the business landscape.

What’s missing?  Communication: communication that cuts through the Wall Street noise to reach market-watchers, and the investors who trust them.

This is why you’ll find a partnership with MJ Capital Management essential to your business’s growth, and even survival.

MJ Capital Management is a well-rounded investor relations and awareness firm that specializes in equity growth. We marry our clients with savvy investors eager to know who you are.  We connect you to every level of the investment community.  Our professional team creates targeted campaigns which bridge the gap between your company and motivated investors, ranging from institutional investors, retail investors, and investment groups to aggressively spearhead growth. We carefully develop a campaign for your business’s needs, delivering even the loftiest goals within reach.

Your company, advised by the right individuals, can yield valuable results. MJ Capital Management’s awareness-driven campaigns generate increased trading volume, liquidity, and stock value.  We will shift the focus from your company’s ideological value to its true financial value in the market.


MJ Capital Management’s team combines a commanding group of talented individuals with a broad array of successful backgrounds. Our team member’s resumes boast positions like marketing managers, investments bankers, public communication experts, and journalists.

MJ Capital Management, realizes the need in the market for a unique, all-inclusive, Investment Relations powerhouse. The fusion of our talents gives us the flexibility, experience, and connections to grow your business.

To learn more about our services, and to start building your relationship with MJ Capital Management, contact us via email or call 973-592-2628.