Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Boosting the Buzz

Maintaining the buzz about a company can become a significant public relations headache, it can raise the level of anxiety for everyone in the company. MJ Capital recognizes this fear and develops a search engine optimization strategy that is designed to show your company in a positive light for current and potential investors. Providing a wealth of content about your company, MJ Capital can spur interest in your company, using various forms of online content and proven SEO techniques, by bringing a solid wall of visitors and potential investors to your door.


SEO Success: All in the Technique

Major search engines have become extremely intelligent, and are able to recognize overt attempts at trying to hijack the search engine ranking for an individual company. The slightest hint of “black hat” techniques can significantly reduce your search engine rankings and cause serious damage to the company reputation. MJ Capital Management uses proven, results oriented and above board search engine optimization techniques to deliver an enormous flood of traffic searching for information about your company. Written articles are not enough. It takes the smart placement of content, in all its various forms, to ensure the proper buzz is created and maintained.

Well timed articles, blog posts, video reports and press releases are examples of the different types of content needed to get you noticed. Each piece of this content must be optimized, using a delicate balance of keyword and long-tail keyword phrases, to bring quick indexing and recognition by the major search engines. This process funnels visitors, clients and future investors to your online information.


Nothing Happens until Somebody Sells Something

The salesperson credo, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something, means your potential clients and investors must have reliable information about your company. MJ Capital develops your online presence through a wide range of offerings, providing users with the information they need to make a good decision. The search engine optimization strategy we implement will bring a flood of visitors searching for additional news. For more information on our SEO strategies, and how they can serve your company, contact MJ Capital Management LLC at 973-495-4994.