Measurement, Tracking & Analysis

Measurement, Tracking and Analysis

Marketing your company and not tracking the results is like throwing money out the window, money you can never recover. However, measuring, tracking and analyzing your efforts leads to a higher level of compatibility between your company and potential investors, clients and current shareholders. The key to developing a targeted marketing plan revolves around understanding your ideal visitors, one that is best suited for your offering, and then producing marketing material around that type of client. A quality tracking program will not only help you develop your marketing materials, but it gives insight into the surfing and web viewing habits of your visitors. This deep understanding of web user habits allows you to meet new partners on their home turf and strengthen the bond between your company and their normal activities.

The bottom line does not depend on click through rates, email opening statistics or press release views; it does depend on the actions resulting from these metrics. A high click through rate means your initial advertising is doing its job, but if the clicks do not turn into leads, then a potential disconnect must be addressed. Without measurement, your marketing campaigns have little accountability for the expenditure of time and money.

Tracking your advertising takes several forms. These include counting web hits, page views, advertising clicks, email open rates and organic search results. These metrics allow you to see how effectively your message is reaching the intended audience, and provides a quantitative position that is easy to see and understand. Sophisticated software, used in the tracking process, allows MJ Capital to build a viewing profile of users. Noting where visitors come from, how many pages they visit while on the site and where they go upon leaving will provide valuable information for planning future marketing efforts.

MJ Capital Management takes the time to analyze the results of your measurement and tracking efforts, and builds on these results to increase your marketing results. The analysis also provides hard data that justifies the cost of your marketing and allows for expansion when positive results are obtained.

Results are what counts when it comes to marketing, and without sales data the only way to know the results is to measure and track your advertising. The use of high tech software and results based analysis allows MJ Capital to take your offering to the next level. For more information of our complete tracking strategy, contact us at 973-495-4994.