Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Campaigns: Developing a Long Term Relationship

Developing a relationship with clients and investors is one of the major goals of your marketing touch activities. Building this relationship has been likened as going from a “Blind date to a Spring Wedding.” Regardless of how you are introduced, it is very hard to enjoy the nerve-wracking jitters of a blind date. On the other end of the spectrum, a beautiful spring wedding is enjoyed by everyone who attends. It is the time in between the first meeting and the wedding that is most interesting, especially as you come to know each other and learn how well you fit together.

Building a relationship with first time visitors to your company is no different. Once you have been introduced, the bond needs to grow and that is done best when learning takes place in different settings. Learning about the strengths and weaknesses of your company helps to define the delicate balance that eventually determines your compatibility. A lead nurturing process is the same as “dating.” Lead Nurturing is best defined as building a relationship with a visitor who is not quite ready to become a client.


Lead Nurturing Process

Several well defined stages occur in a lead nurturing campaign. These steps are carefully designed to bring you together with the ideal prospect for your company, and culminate in that prospect becoming a new source of revenue. MJ Capital builds this process into your pre-launch activities to grow a following of investors ready to become shareholders. The steps to lead generation include:

  • An Introduction, which is your first opportunity to influence your eventual partner
  • A First Meeting that must make a lasting impression without being too strong
  • Ongoing, scheduled and impromptu meetings to develop and share information both ways
  • Asking for investors to become a part of your business family
  • Closing the sale

MJ Capital provides a sophisticated, yet simple process to follow for all of your lead generating campaigns. It is designed to automate the process of leading interested parties into the fold, and build a strong bond between you and your potential clients, customers and investors without continually bombarding them with useless messages. The entire process integrates seamlessly with landing page creation, content management, social media marketing and the measurement of results through advanced analytics and tracking.

It takes time to develop a relationship, and each piece of communication must be carefully timed in order to build a trust that leads to future business. MJ Capital recognizes this need, and produces a lead nurturing strategy designed to bring you results. For more information on this process, contact us at 973-495-4994.