Landing Page Creation

Landing Page Creation: Where Do They Go From Here?

Your web page is up. Investors, clients and traders are coming to your site, but what happens when they arrive? Are they bombarded with information? Do they have to register to get more information? Are you losing potential clients because it is difficult to learn more about your offering?

Creating a successful landing page requires a careful analysis of the company, your offering, your visitors, investors and their search habits. A landing page must quickly engage a visitor and entice them to take a carefully planned set of actions. It is one of the first things we at MJ Capital begin building as a part of your path to online success. The Internet offers the opportunity for companies to become massive, even when the company is small, but in order to accomplish that goal a very specific strategy must be developed and implemented.


Building and Optimizing Your Landing Page

The steps for accomplishing this task are varied, and MJ Capital Management has streamlined the process, to meet your timelines and build a tremendous following. The development of evangelists, anxious for the release of additional information, is the prime goal when developing a landing page for your company.

These steps include:

  • Analyzing your market and developing a corporate persona
  • Assessing the analytics of your current web presence to develop a visitor profile
  • Content and copy creation
  • Developing an effective response mechanism
  • SEO Optimization
  • Page Deployment
  • Testing and Revision Process based on your timeline


Persuading Your Visitors to Take Action

Online marketing efforts are only successful when there is a clear path for visitors to follow, a path that results in the completion of your goals. Whether visitors leave an email address, view a video, download a prospectus, view annual reports or contact you for additional information, there must be clear directions for your visitor to take. A well designed landing page will gently guide visitors along the way to becoming actual clients and investors.

MJ Capital takes the task of developing your landing page very seriously because it has a significant impact on the first impression visitors have of your company. While the process sounds simple, in reality, it is very difficult to persuade any action from a significant number of visitors. However, our unique analysis of your target market allows us to literally read the minds of your web users, and give them answers before they ask the questions. We develop a message for your landing page, while distributed to a mass of potential investors, which appears personalized for each and every individual visitor.


Additional information concerning the unique Landing Pages created by MJ Capital Management can be obtained by contacting us at 973-495-4994.