Content and Offer Development

Content and Offer Development: Giving Your Clients What They Need

Being a public company means you have developed the perfect plan, the perfect product or service and keeping strong visible presence in the market is very important. However, no one is knocking on the door to hand you money, and if the truth be known, the only real people who know about you, are your family, friends and competitors. A press release, a news story or two and perhaps some blogging will add a little bit of buzz, but without a concentrated effort and coordinated content management your image can fizzle in a hurry. MJ Capital Management provides the ultimate in content creation and distribution to convert tire kickers, clients and potential investors into evangelists carrying your battle flag.


Offer Development: Tantalizing, Dangling, Irresistible

If you visit a local magic shop and watch a magic trick being demonstrated you will be amazed. One you buy the trick and learn the “magic,” your first thought is likely to be, “how silly, this trick would not fool a small child!” However, as you think about the demonstration that got you to buy the trick, you realize that it did fool you. In a magical performance, as well as in offer development, the most awe inspiring events occur because a basic principle has been properly applied with imagination.

Your offer to the general public must include five elements. These elements, properly applied, have been proven to produce results. MJ Capital uses this “magical formula” to produce results by:

  • Encouraging the dreams your audience
  • Providing justification for any poor decisions made in the past
  • Reducing the fears of the intended audience
  • Confirming the suspicious thoughts that are dangling somewhere deep in the mind of your audience
  • Allowing you to bond with your audience by joining with them in an epic struggle


Creating Content that Hypnotizes

If your company wants to break free from the similarities of every other company in your niche and produce massive results…then the application of these 5 principles will blow your sales goals through the roof!

MJ Capital feels your pain. You have struggled to find answers. You have fought through financial struggles. You have spent years developing your product and still you are haunted by one question. “Why are we not where we want to be yet?”

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