Creative Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Providing a wealth of content about your company, MJ Capital will spur the sales of your IPO offering, using online content and proven SEO techniques to bring a both visitors & potential investors to your door.

Content & Offer Development

MJ Capital Management provides the ultimate in content creation and distribution to convert tire kickers into potential investors and finally into evangelists carrying your battle flag.

Landing Page Creation

Investors, clients and traders are coming to your site, but are you losing potential investors because it is difficult to for them to find what they need to know about your offering?

Social Networking & Media Marketing

Slicing straight to the heart of networking and connecting with your audience where they live and play is the goal of MJ Capital Mangement’s social networking and media marketing strategy.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The carefully defined process of our lead nurturing campaigns are carefully designed to bring you together with the ideal prospect for your IPO, and culminate in that prospect becoming a shareholder.

Measurement, Tracking & Analysis

Our team of professionals uses a variety of tools to measure and track the success of campaigns, as without measurement, your marketing campaigns have little accountability for the expenditure of time and money.