Outsourced Monitored-Lists

Unlock the Secrets of Massive Email List Profits with the Experience of MJ Capital

With all the regulations and requirements for sending bulk email, it only takes one mistake to put you in the doghouse with a number of regulatory agencies. This is especially true when you are using an email-list that has not been built, nor verified by your own company. The haphazard aftereffect of spammers cost businesses millions of dollars per year, that is, countless amounts of quality email messages to get sucked into spam folders and go unread.

Can You Afford to Have Your Messages Wind Up on the Junk Pile?

When it comes time to look beyond In-House Mailing Lists, MJ Capital has the experience you want and need to evaluate Outsourced Lists for their advantages and profitability. Getting a piece of mail delivered is only 10% of the battle. Getting that piece of mail opened and read is the next 65%. Having the message influence the reader to take action is the last 25% of the puzzle. MJ Capital will help you to develop a strategy that will increase your deliverables, increase open rates and improve the effectiveness of all your email campaigns.

Trusted List Sources for All Your Needs

MJ Capital understands that increasing brand recognition and prospective investor, as well as client awareness; while also accelerating trading activity and maintaining existing shareholders, can be an extremely daunting task. Combine this with the normal day-to-day operations that are required of a busy company and it can be an even more difficult objective to give your company the attention it deserves. Utilizing our +10 years of expertise, we can manage your awareness campaigns for you. There is a process that allows us to avoid the mistakes most people make and make sure that your mail sends the right message to the right people at the right time.

One of the hardest challenges you can undertake is to find an email list that meets your specific criteria, has an affordable price and was developed slowly over time from opt-in subscribers. MJ Capital excels in providing you with the proper lists because of the screening process we put list owners through. We have built strong in-house lists for use so we know what it takes to build and maintain a powerful, responsive mailing list. Each list we identify for use must pass the following stringent criteria before we will ever recommend it for use.

1. The list must have been built from subscribers who performed an opt-in function and the offer for that opt-in must be related to needs of the intended client.

2. How often is the list published to on a monthly basis? Lists may be responsive but overuse can quickly lead to wasted effort and lost money.

3. On average, which mailing to a particular list, produces the highest response rates?

4. Was the list owner paid to publish the content used to bring in subscribers or was the publisher able to form a completely unbiased review of any item that is reviewed or promoted?

5. How web traffic to the list owner’s properties is evaluated and has it been authenticated by a third party analytics program?

6. What is the opt-out percentage per mailing? (Anything above 0.5% is a warning sign)

7. What were the last two offers made to the list and what was the deliverability, open and response rates?

8. Has the list been used to produce interest in equity or financial investments?

9. What was or is the price point or share price of the last 3 investment grade instruments that were promoted and what was the date they were promoted?

10. Does the list have a particular share price, product or industry to which it responds best?

11. Does the list perform better on a certain day or particular time of day and what are these times?

12. What are the current promotions and offers being used to draw new subscribers?

13. Is the list growing?

14. How often is the list purged for undeliverable addresses and duplicates?

In addition to providing suitable answers to each of questions above, the level of writing skill employed within the newsletters and on landing pages is evaluated for accuracy, readability and usefulness of information. An outsourced-list owner that is able to portray your offerings in a optimistic and creative way, to their faithful followers, will far surpass the results of other marketing measures.

The internet is full of people out to make a quick buck in the mailing list business, however most of these lists are not relevant to your clients or your offers and are a waste of money. MJ Capital takes the headache out of finding lists by managing this task for you. This ensures that you get a high quality list that has been proven by its past actions to be responsive to your needs.

Contact a Campaign Management Specialist at MJ Capital Management today and let them show you how to unlock additional profits, brand awareness and shareholder confidence with every mailing you produce.

Regardless of the message you need to send, MJ Capital Management will provide you with the best list, at the best price to meet your managed, outsourced list needs.