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MJ Capital Management: Ultimate Awareness Package

Targeted Marketing for Measurable Results Makes a World of Difference

MJ Capital Management helps to build your business and the awareness around it using our in-depth knowledge of direct response email and internet marketing. We can help you find, identify and communicate with your prospects, clients and shareholders. This unique service will build, manage and maintain all of your mailing lists regardless of whether you produce them, we produce them or they are purchased.

Helping you to plan and implement a successful direct marketing strategy is the goal of our List Promotion Services. We stand ready to be your partner in a cost effective, high tech system that will produce measurable marketing results quickly.

The Right Solutions for Your Particular Situation

We provide solutions for your needs based on your customer profile and marketing goals. Through our in-house email lists and outsourced brokers we can produce highly targeted lists in the following categories:

  • Currency Exchange
  • Commodities (broken down into categories)
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Precious Metals
  • Industrial Metals
  • Small Cap/Micro Cap Companies (Both start-up and emerging markets)
  • Penny Stocks (those with share prices below $5.00)
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Index
  • Equity
  • Market
  • Commodity

And more based on your needs…

MJ Capital knows that just sending out an email is not enough to ensure success with your marketing plan. Our unique approach will help you to identify the proper criteria to target, and use all available resources to develop the right message for your target market. Then using advanced analytics and tracking, we monitor the campaign for open and response rates so that changes can be made quickly for subsequent mailings.

Our successful email marketing campaigns consist of sequenced mailings over a period of time. It also includes split testing, creative design, additional opt-ins and results. We work hard to develop a control mailing so that there is something to test against. By adding and removing parts of the control we can fine tune the campaign and its content to produce a maximum return for each and every mailing.

Ultimate Awareness Package

Taking advantage of the Ultimate Awareness Package, offered by MJ Capital Management, means that your entire direct response campaign can be monitored and all of the mailing lists you need can be continually updated, scrubbed and purged for duplicates. Email marketing also means being compliant with the CAN-Spam Act in order to produce trust and avoid regulatory fines. Compliance means more messages are delivered allowing you a maximum return on investment for each and every mailing.

All lists are managed for deliverability. We work to manage your lists and promotions so that all messages will bypass the spam filters and spam scoring systems of the major email programs. When we discover messages that may produce a spam flag for an ISP, we will work with you to overcome the obstacle while retaining your original message.

Tracking individual behaviors is the final step in awareness. We not only track open rates and click through rates we monitor individual user click rates. This technology allows us to know which link in an email was clicked, where the link was placed and which user clicked it. This lets us know how to create and format subsequent mailings for each list. It also provides a laser targeted model for follow up with those who are interested and also allows you to know exactly what products or information holds their interest.

Let a Lead Promotion Specialist at MJ Capital Management show you how to grow awareness for your company and its offerings today. Contact us at: 973-495-4994