In-House Managed Lists

MJ Capital Management: List Promotion Services

We offer our clients a hassle free solution that makes managing and profiting from targeted mailing list promotions as simple as point and click. MJ Capital List Promotion Services save you time and money by automating the critical tasks allowing you to get more work done. We improve the flow of information to your clients, customers and prospects with fewer errors and in less time. Our automated systems and individual reviews eliminate errors and streamline the delivery process. MJ Capital reduces the strain and drain on your IT personnel by doing the labor intensive chores of managing a mailing list. We maintain our lists in a secure and reliable environment that protects our most valuable assets and ensures your campaign is run seamlessly as scheduled.

With more than 10 years of experience managing our personally-owned lists, we understand how frustrating this task may be and strive to take this task out-of-the-equation for our clients. By monitoring the day-to-day complex functions of list building, such as CAN-SPAM regulations and all that they entail; you will be completely free to run your normal business operations without interference.

Subscriber Acquisition Methods

Continually acquiring new subscribers is the only way to maintain a highly-responsive mailing list. Creating successful subscriber acquisition campaigns can be challenging and costly, therefore, we continuously ask ourselves:

  • Who do our clients need to touch?
  • How can they best be reached?
  • What type of messages will provide the best response?

Our custom In-House List Promotion Services are molded around you, our client. MJ Capital Management has been successfully building highly-responsive, segmented lists for more than a decade to meet the particular needs and goals of each individual client; making even the most difficult campaign goal a reality.

Our Unique Way of Developing a Targeted Subscriber Base includes:

  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing using Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Professionally Written Articles and Content Distribution
  • Use of Sophisticated Search Engine Optimization Methods
  • Advertising within Several Related Business Channels Simultaneously
  • Specific and Quantified Direct Response Marketing Strategies

Optimized Search Engine Marketing

MJ Capital Management approaches in-house list building as a challenge and takes an aggressive approach when it comes to using search engine tactics to drive new subscribers. We work hard to reduce the cost of compiling these lists, which in-turn allows us to offer more competitive prices to our clients.

Regardless of whether you need traffic to your site to stimulate investor interest, generate new sales or distribute a press release; our lists can provide you with the targeted prospects you are seeking. Our subscribers come from highly-targeted keyword campaigns and PPC marketing to ensure they are actively seeking the relevant information that you will provide. By continually monitoring our advertising and the effectiveness of our mailings, we assure that you will get the maximum response from your message.

MJ Capital makes a thorough analysis of your offering and develops a solid description and keyword program that ensures a laser-like response from your email campaign. The campaign is then extensively monitored, tracked in real-time and re-evaluated, allowing for fine-tuning on the fly.

Matching the Customer to Our List

The end-customer has spent thousands of hours building its products and services. They know what they want, when they want it and why they want it. MJ Capital Management works to deliver customer information exactly the way they require. Providing the right message is never enough; it must also be presented at the Right Time, in the Right Way and that is exactly where the experience of MJ Capital comes into play.

Let us show you how our In-House Managed Lists can Explode a company’s potential!  Contact MJ Capital Management today at (973) 495-4994.